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What we do

Auto Trading Services will assist dealers to sell their aged frotnline cars that are been in lots for sixty days and over. We also assist wholesalers in selling thier cars. We also assist dealers to have better control over their inventory in the lot by moving their aged cars to different dealers, this will prevent having major loss in capital as a result of blue book changes.

Auto Trading Services will provide you comfort by finding the vehicles for your cusotmers, and we also do all work by faxing over the book sheets, and negotiating. Thus, protecting you by having oue arbitartion department monitoring the standards outlined in Division 12 of the vehicle code. (Example frame, salvage title or any title problem over the amount of $500.00 damage or body work this be executed within Forty Eight hours of receiving vehicle.

We will arrange the transportation to your dealership or you can have the option of having it arranged by your dealership at the buyer cost. Auto Trading Services will send the Purcahse Draft via Fax/Email to the seller and buyer. Exchange of Titles and Checks is done directly with the selling and buying dealer. our Broker's Fee of $200.00 per sold vehicle is billed separately to the buyer and seller.

-Steps for Selling Dealers

-Steps for Purchasing Dealers

Our Services


Auto Trading Services will try to facilitate the transportation within 49 hour of the transaction date. If any purchasing dealers wish to coordinate thier own transportation, then Auto Trading Services must be notified.
The purcahsing dealer is responsible for the transaction costs of the transport unless the vehicle is returned to the seliing dealer. If the vehicle the selling dealer is responsible for all the transportation cost associated with that transcation(after negotiating the price with the transporter)
All transporation costs are billed by the transportation comapanies are paid directly to those companies, not to Auto Trading Services.


Our dealers provide us with a diverse offering of quality vehicles on a continual basis, providing the optimal channel for any pre-owned inventory requirements.


Our arbitration staff member is qualified to mediate any arbitration issues.
Auto Trading Services personnel will personally verify, or validate all arbitration claims if they are local or within 75 miles radius.
All vehicles are subject to Auto Trading Services Front line Guidlines, unless otherwise indicated on the selling dealer's book sheet.
Every purcahsing dealer should expect $500 in reconditioning. The first $500 of reconditioning is therefore not acceptable for arbitartion. (Except safely items or something not disclose properly)If, upon receipt of a vehicle, the purchasing dealer believes the vehicle fails to meet frontline standards or meet other conditions not disclosed at the time of sale, the purchasing dealer has forty-eight (48) hours from delivery date to submit an arbitration claim. All disputes or arbitration arising out of the purchase or sale of a vehicle at The Auto XL must be submitted in writing, via fax or email, to us. For the purpose of this agreement the forty-eight (48) hours must fall on a business day. A business day excludes Saturday, Sunday and federal holidays.

Title and Check

Check and title exchange is done diectly between the selling and purchasing dealers. When requested Auto Trading Services will help expedite the check and title exchange. (Not responsible for any delay between two dealers.)

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