Our Policies

Our Policies

Front line vehicle guidelines

All vehicles must meet the following guidelines, unless otherwise noted on the book sheet.

a. Vehicles must pass California smog requirements.
b. Belts and hoses must be free of visible wear.
c. Aftermarket equipment must be noted at time of sale.
d. Performance must meet factory standards.

2)Transmission and Centrifugal Velocity Joints (CV)
a. Automatics
• Automatics must shift properly through all gears
• Override and power modes must shift properly
b. Manual Transmissions
• Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing may not have slippage or chatter.
• Must have ease of shifting throughout the shift pattern, including all forward.
• And reverse gears.
c. Four Wheel Drives
• Transfer cases must be in full functioning order according to factory specifications.
• Any modifications must be announced on the book sheet.
• Vehicles must be shift from Two Wheel Drives to Four Wheel Drives upon demand.
d. CV Joints
• Must be in full functioning order.
• Boots may not have cracks or tears.
• Rear End Noise level may not be excessive according to manufacturer’s decibel standards.

3)Braking Systems
a. ABS braking system must be in full operating order. This includes pumps, lines and hoses.
b. Brake shoes must be at 50% minimum
c. Brake pads must be at 50% minimum
d. Rotors must be at 50% minimum and able to be turned in the event of brake vibration.
e. Parking brake must be set and hold vehicles.
f. There may not be any excessive pedal chassis vibration during brake.

4)Steering Rac & Pinion
a. Steering pumps must be free of leaks and pressure fissures.
b. Racks must be in factory working order and free of sticking and hesitation.

5)Interior and Electrical
a. Air-conditioning units must be in full working order.
b. Cruise control operations must work properly.
c. All wipers, front and rear, must work properly.
d. Audio system must work on all bands, including a compact disc
e. Electric windows must operate at all switching points, including master controls
f. And a sunroof/moon roof must open and close.
g. Seats must work in all positions.
h. Seat belts may not have any signs of tears or fraying and must lock properly. They should also have full range of extraction and retraction.
i. Gauges must be in proper working condition.
j. Seats and carpets must be free of rips, burns, tears and spots.

6)Electrical Exterior
a. Headlamps must function at high and low beams.
b. Taillights, brake lights and turn signals must operate properly.
c. Emergency four way flashers must be functional.

7)Tire and Wheels
a. Tires must have a minimum of 5/32 even tread life.
b. Passenger cars and light duty mini trucks must have two matching tires per axle.
c. Sport utilities, vans and full size trucks require four matching tires.
d. Spare tires, tools and jacks must be present.

a. Must be free of non-factory welds, cracks, excessive bends or tears.
b. Core support must be free of damage.
c. Frame rails must be free of welds, tears or rips.

9)Body Exterior
a. Body must be free of dents requiring body filler.
b. Repaint of more than three panels must be disclosed.
c. Paintwork must be OEM standards.
d. Vehicles must be brush touched if scratches are present.

10)Glass windshields must be free of cracks, non-repairable chips and any damage that may obstruct vision.

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